Safely Shipping Your Valuable Cards

Safely Shipping Your Valuable Cards: Our Secure Packaging Process Ensures Protection

Rest assured, we prioritize the protection of your cards during shipping. Once you've made your purchase and we're preparing to ship your card, it's important to understand our shipping process.

For single cards that are not graded, we take extra precautions. Each card will be carefully placed in a penny sleeve and inserted into a top loader, providing a sturdy and secure casing. To safeguard it further, we seal it within a white Armalopes envelope, specifically designed for shipping sports cards. The envelope is made from thin cardboard material, offering an additional layer of protection to ensure your card arrives in the best possible condition.

We understand the significance of your sports cards and their value to you as a collector. Therefore, our shipping approach is designed with their utmost safety in mind. With our meticulous packaging method, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cards will be well-protected throughout the mailing process.


Larrys card shop protects your cards when we ship.



Graded Cards (Slabs) Packaging

How we ship you graded cards -slabs at Larrys Sport Cards


 Sorry - No Returns. Unless cards arrives damaged.