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1989 Topps #46 Jim Kelly | HOF

1989 Topps #46 Jim Kelly | HOF

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1989 Topps #46 Jim Kelly

Other important information about this card:

In 1989 Jim Kelly played for the Buffalo Bills and was inducted into the Hall of Fame (HOF)

Do you know that the most expensive Jim Kelly Football Rookie Card (1984 Topps USFL Football #36 Jim Kelly Rookie Card PSA 10) was sold on eBay in June 2019 for $1750.00 while the cheapest Rookie Card (Jim Kelly 1987 Topps Rookie Card #362, NM (BIGJ’S), Buffalo Bills) changed hands for only $0.01 in March 2020? The month with the most cards sold (36) was May 2020 with an average selling price of $4.38 for a Football Card of Jim Kelly. Sold items reached their highest average selling price in November 2012 with $233.74 and the month that saw the lowest prices with $1.00 was December 2014. In average, a Rookie Card from Jim Kelly is valued with $9.99.

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